Running Among the Mountains: The Pelpi Trail 2024 in Bedonia

Join us in Bedonia, in the province of Parma, for the 6th edition of the Pelpi Trail 2024, taking place on Sunday, May 5th. This race, part of the UISP Trail Running Championship of the province of Parma, offers two course options: one of 13 km with 320 meters of positive elevation gain and another of 25 km with 1100 meters of positive elevation gain, including the breathtaking passage through the Cross of Mount Pelpi. For hiking enthusiasts, there is also a non-competitive route of 9 km. You can find the registration link at the end of the article or directly on-site on race day.

Bedonia: Land of Natural Beauty

Bedonia is a picturesque town nestled at the foot of Mount Pelpi, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and traversed by the Pelpirana stream. Its privileged location offers spectacular panoramic views, especially from the numerous mountain passes nearby, including the Passo del Bocco, Passo del Tomarlo, and Passo della Cappelletta.

The Sanctuary of San Marco: A Place of Devotion

One of the most evocative places in Bedonia is the Sanctuary of San Marco, an ancient Baroque building built in 1685 and later expanded in 1720. This sanctuary, dedicated to San Marco and San Giuseppe, is rich in history and spirituality and has become a point of reference for devoted pilgrims.

The Episcopal Seminary and Its Ten Museums

The Palazzo del Seminario Vescovile, located near the Sanctuary of San Marco, houses ten museums that collect artworks, archaeological finds, and historical testimonies from the area. Among the museums present are the Parmigiani Art Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, and the Documentation Center on Emigration, which offer visitors a wide overview of the local culture and tradition.

Join the Pelpi Trail 2024: An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re a passionate trail runner or simply love immersing yourself in nature and history, the Pelpi Trail 2024 is the perfect event for you. Get ready to challenge yourself along the trails of Bedonia and discover the beauty and spirituality of this fascinating location.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a unique and engaging adventure. I’ll be waiting for you on the hills of Bedonia for an unforgettable day of running, hiking, and exploration!

Here are some glimpses of the race from my reconnaissance with the snow: