Golden Trail National Series 2024: An Adventure Among the Peaks of Italian Trail Running

Today, I take you on a thrilling adventure through the peaks of Italian trail running. We are about to dive into the new edition of the Golden Trail National Series (GTNS), unfolding from March to September with four unmissable stages. This circuit is not just a competition; it’s a unique opportunity to bring together enthusiasts, from world-renowned athletes to new talents and simple lovers of the trail.

Dolomiti Beer Trail: A Tasty Start (March 30, 2024)

The first stage, scheduled for March 30, 2024, will lead us through the enchanting landscapes of the Dolomiti Beer Trail. Covering 24 kilometers with a positive elevation gain of 1400 meters, the route will guide us through fir trees, deciduous forests, and seasonal meadows. Starting from the historic Pedavena Brewery, the adventure promises a unique experience, ascending Mount Avena and offering views of the Piave River flowing through Valbelluna. The journey concludes at the Santa Susanna chapel, ending in Pedavena.

Ledro Sky: Between Lake and Mountain (June 16, 2024)

The second stage, set for June 16, will take us through the Ledro Sky. Spanning 19 kilometers with a positive elevation gain of 1610 meters, the route starts in Mezzolago in the municipality of Ledro. We will traverse Lake Ledro, the historic center of Pieve di Ledro, and face a technical and exposed section connecting the summit of Parì to Bocca Droma. An experience immersing us in the beauty of this mountainous landscape.

Dolomyths Run Sky Race: The Return of Excellence (July 21, 2024)

One of the most anticipated novelties is the return of the Dolomyths Run Sky Race on July 21. This stage will take us from Piazza Marconi to Canazei, touching Piz Boè with a route covering 22 kilometers (10 km uphill and 12 km downhill) and a positive elevation gain of 1750 meters. A return promising exciting challenges and breathtaking panoramas.

Transpelmo: The Grand Finale (September 1, 2024)

The final stage, set for September 1, is the legendary Transpelmo around Mount Pelmo. The looped route starting from Palafavera will lead us through forests, meadows, and peaks, culminating in a challenging ascent with a steep scree slope. An epic experience that concludes the circle of this extraordinary GTNS adventure.

Begin Your Adventure

Dear reader, the Golden Trail National Series 2024 is ready to unveil breathtaking landscapes and exciting challenges. Prepare to immerse yourself in this adventure among the peaks of Italian trail running. The stages are marked, the path is laid out—are you ready to run?

Run with passion, explore with determination. Your adventure begins now.