European Athletics Rome 2024: The Great Celebration of Sport is Approaching!

The countdown has begun, fellow runners! Just a few weeks remain until one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year: the European Athletics Championships Rome 2024, scheduled to take place in the Capital from June 7 to 12. This historic event returns to Italy exactly 50 years after the 1974 edition, also in Rome. I can’t wait to witness this true celebration of sport!

The Location and Program

The Stadio Olimpico will be the perfect stage to host this continental event. This legendary venue has been the site of other major events such as the 1960 Olympics and the 1987 World Athletics Championships. The program spans six days filled with competitions, from throws to sprints, from jumps to relays. A concentration of emotions and records to be experienced together!

Italy’s Stars: Jacobs and Tamberi

But the real anticipation is all for our Italian athletes, a large group of 116 men and women stronger than ever before. Leading the Italian squad will be our stars like Marcell Jacobs, the blue lightning of the 100m and 4x100m relay, and Gianmarco Tamberi, the everlasting high jump champion. Not to mention other key athletes like Antonella Palmisano, Filippo Tortu, Fausto Desalu, Lorenzo Patta, and the world bronze medalist in shot put, Leonardo Fabbri. In short, a truly sensational team!

Must-Watch Competitions

The program is packed with memorable events every evening. I can’t wait to see Jacobs and Tamberi in action, but also the throwing events with Fabbri and the jumps like long jump and triple jump seem truly unmissable. The heats will keep us on the edge of our seats every morning, while the evening finals will be real spectacles of fire and passion. The grand finale with the 4x100m and 4x400m relays promises to be particularly thrilling!

Day 1: Thursday, June 6

14:30 – Women’s Shot Put (Qualifications)
17:10 – Men’s Shot Put (Qualifications)

Day 2: Friday, June 7

09:35 – Men’s Discus Throw (Qualifications)
09:40 – Heptathlon Men’s 100M Hurdles
10:10 – Women’s 100M Hurdles (Qualifications)
10:40 – Men’s 110M Hurdles (Qualifications)
11:05 – Heptathlon Women’s High Jump
11:10 – Women’s Triple Jump (Qualifications)
11:45 – Women’s 1500M (Heats)
12:15 – Women’s Discus Throw (Qualifications)
12:20 – Men’s 800M (Heats)
12:55 – Men’s Long Jump (Qualifications)
13:05 – Women’s 3000M Steeplechase (Heats)
18:35 – Women’s 20KM Race Walk
18:40 – Heptathlon Women’s Shot Put
19:55 – Women’s Shot Put (Final)
20:30 – Women’s High Jump (Qualifications)
21:02 – Men’s Discus Throw (Final)
21:10 – Men’s 100M (Qualifications)
21:33 – Men’s Shot Put (Final)
21:45 – Heptathlon Women’s 200M
22:20 – Mixed 4x400M Relay
22:40 – Women’s 5000M

Day 3: Saturday, June 8

10:05 – Men’s Hammer Throw (Qualifications)
10:10 – Men’s 3000M Steeplechase (Heats)
10:40 – Women’s Pole Vault (Qualifications)
10:50 – Women’s 100M (Qualifications)
11:45 – Men’s 400M (Qualifications)
12:10 – Heptathlon Women’s Long Jump
12:20 – Women’s 400M (Qualifications)
18:00 – Men’s 20KM Race Walk
18:20 – Heptathlon Women’s Javelin Throw
19:50 – Men’s 800M (Semifinal)
20:10 – Women’s 100M Hurdles (Semifinal)
20:35 – Men’s Long Jump (Final)
20:40 – Men’s 110M Hurdles (Semifinal)
21:10 – Men’s 100M (Semifinal)
21:35 – Women’s Discus Throw (Final)
21:41 – Heptathlon Women’s 800M
22:05 – Women’s 100M Hurdles (Final)
22:16 – Men’s 110M Hurdles (Final)
22:26 – Men’s 5000M
22:53 – Men’s 100M (Final)

Day 4: Sunday, June 9

09:00 – Men’s Half Marathon
09:00 – Men’s Half Marathon Team
09:30 – Women’s Half Marathon
09:30 – Women’s Half Marathon Team
10:05 – Women’s Hammer Throw (Qualifications)
10:45 – Men’s Triple Jump (Qualifications)
11:35 – Men’s High Jump
11:50 – Men’s 200M (Qualifications)
12:40 – Women’s 400M Hurdles (Qualifications)
13:20 – Men’s 400M Hurdles (Qualifications)
20:05 – Women’s 400M (Semifinal)
20:30 – Women’s High Jump (Final)
20:38 – Men’s 400M (Semifinal)
21:05 – Women’s 100M (Semifinal)
21:11 – Men’s Hammer Throw (Final)
21:21 – Women’s Triple Jump (Final)
21:35 – Men’s 200M (Semifinal)
22:04 – Women’s 3000M Steeplechase (Final)
22:27 – Men’s 800M (Final)
22:36 – Women’s 1500M (Final)
22:53 – Women’s 100M (Final)

Day 5: Monday, June 10

10:05 – Decathlon Men’s 100M
10:18 – Men’s Pole Vault (Qualifications)
10:25 – Women’s Javelin Throw (Qualifications)
10:35 – Women’s 200M (Qualifications)
11:05 – Decathlon Men’s Long Jump
11:20 – Men’s 1500M (Heats)
11:50 – Women’s 800M (Heats)
12:40 – Men’s 400M Hurdles (Semifinal)
13:05 – Decathlon Men’s Shot Put
13:15 – Women’s 400M Hurdles (Semifinal)
19:30 – Decathlon Men’s High Jump
20:15 – Women’s Pole Vault (Final)
21:05 – Women’s 200M (Semifinal)
21:33 – Women’s Hammer Throw (Final)
21:40 – Men’s 400M (Final)
21:50 – Women’s 400M (Final)
22:00 – Men’s 3000M Steeplechase (Final)
22:20 – Decathlon Men’s 400M
22:50 – Men’s 200M (Final)

Day 6: Tuesday, June 11

09:35 – Decathlon Men’s 110M Hurdles
10:10 – Women’s 800M (Semifinal)
10:30 – Decathlon Men’s Discus Throw
10:35 – Women’s Long Jump (Qualifications)
10:45 – Men’s 4x400M Relay (Heats)
11:15 – Women’s 4x400M Relay (Heats)
11:55 – Decathlon Men’s Pole Vault
12:00 – Men’s 4x100M Relay (Heats)
12:30 – Women’s 4x100M Relay (Heats)
13:00 – Men’s Javelin Throw (Qualifications)
19:05 – Decathlon Men’s Javelin Throw
19:50 – Women’s 10000M (Final B)
20:35 – Men’s High Jump (Final)
20:55 – Men’s Triple Jump (Final)
21:05 – Women’s 400M Hurdles
21:18 – Men’s 400M Hurdles (Final)
21:30 – Women’s 10000M (Final A)
21:36 – Women’s Javelin Throw (Final)
22:25 – Decathlon Men’s 1500M
22:53 – Women’s 200M (Final)

Day 7: Wednesday, June 12

20:12 – Men’s 10000M (Final B)
20:20 – Men’s Pole Vault (Final)
20:28 – Men’s Javelin Throw (Final)
20:54 – Women’s Long Jump (Final)
21:06 – Women’s 4x400M Relay (Final)
21:19 – Men’s 4x400M Relay (Final)
21:31 – Women’s 800M (Final)
21:44 – Men’s 10000M (Final A)
22:26 – Men’s 1500M (Final)
22:38 – Women’s 4x100M Relay (Final)
22:50 – Men’s 4x100M Relay (Final)

The 2024 European Athletics Championships in Rome will be an unmissable event, and the good news is that you can watch it live on various TV channels!

Free-to-Air TV

Rai: As the Italian national broadcaster, Rai will have comprehensive coverage of the event, with Rai Sport broadcasting most of the competitions live. You can enjoy the races on a number of Rai channels, including Rai 1, Rai 2, and Rai Sport.
Eurosport: Eurosport, the satellite sports channel, will provide complete coverage of the event, with expert insights and analysis.

Pay TV

Sky Sport: Sky Sport, the subscription satellite platform, will offer full multi-channel coverage of the event, allowing you to follow the competitions from different angles with dedicated commentary. You can enjoy the races on Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport 2, and other channels dedicated to athletics.
DAZN: DAZN, the subscription-based sports streaming platform, will broadcast some of the races live and on-demand.

Online Streaming

Rai Play: The competitions will be available for live streaming on the Rai Play platform, allowing you to follow them from any internet-connected device.
Eurosport Player: Eurosport Player, Eurosport’s streaming platform, will offer live and on-demand coverage of all the races, with extra content and insights.
Now: Now, Sky’s streaming platform, will broadcast the races live and on-demand for Sky Sport subscribers.
DAZN: Some races will also be available for live streaming on the DAZN platform.

Check the official schedule available on the website, which will indicate which races will be broadcast on each channel.

The Festival of Rome

Beyond the sheer sports competition, I am sure the 2024 European Championships in Rome will turn into a grand popular event, a true embrace of the Eternal City for sports and its values. I can already imagine the festive atmosphere that will pervade the streets of the city center, with fans, enthusiasts, and families all celebrating athletics together. An event to experience with all your heart, just as we runners do every time we lace up our racing shoes.

I have already marked the date in red on my calendar. Are you ready to be part of this wonderful Roman celebration? Athletics, passion, and excitement await us at the Stadio Olimpico! Let the show begin!