Emily Hawgood & Tom Evans – UTMB 2022

The UTMB Mont Blanc is renowned as the most competitive trail running ultramarathon, and in 2022, two exceptional athletes, Tom Evans and Emily Hawgood, took on the challenge of covering a 106.5-mile course through the majestic Swiss Alps, starting from Chamonix.

Emily, still relatively inexperienced in the UTMB, was participating in the race for only the second time, while Tom, with his extensive trail running experience, had undergone a six-month recovery period after surgery. Nevertheless, Tom was fully committed to reaching the starting line, channeling all his efforts into the race. Both aimed for an extraordinary achievement: completing the double feat by competing in the Western States 100 later that year.

The level of competition in trail running at this level is intense, and the mental resilience required is extraordinary. The race demands not only physical prowess but also mental fortitude to face the unpredictability of the course and changing weather conditions.

During the grueling 106.5-mile race, the impact of the support team around Tom and Emily becomes evident. The TERREX team provides unwavering support, guiding them through the challenges of a dark and cold night, managing race positions, and tackling an unforgiving course.

The team’s philosophy, “Aim for perfection and accept excellence,” perfectly encapsulates their determination to give their all in the pursuit of greatness. The race represents trail running at its finest, pushing the boundaries of human endurance and perseverance.

The video follows the journey of Tom and Emily, capturing their experiences from the start of the race, through the hardships encountered along the way, to their triumphant arrival at UTMB. The UTMB Mont Blanc is an extraordinary showcase of determination, teamwork, and unwavering pursuit of excellence in trail running. The inspiring stories of these two athletes and the dedicated support of their team make this narrative an exhilarating and engaging experience of trail running at its peak.