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Ash Bartholomew: An Inspiring Story at the Western States 100

I would like to share with you an incredible story of perseverance, love, and determination that has touched the hearts of all of us in the running community. This is the story of Ash Bartholomew, a name that may not be immediately familiar, but whose journey is a shining example of the true spirit of runners.

Imagine a 61-year-old man who, after years of waiting and hoping, finally gets the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Western States 100. A man who has lived in the shadow of his daughter Lucy, a Salomon athlete who achieved a third-place finish in the same competition. This time, however, it’s Ash’s turn to pave his own way.

The documentary “Lucy’s Dad: Ash Bartholomew’s inspiring story at Western States 100” follows Ash’s journey, an Australian ultrarunner and father of athlete Lucy Bartholomew, as he fulfills his lifelong dream of running the Western States 100 in 2023. In 2018, after years of trying to participate in this legendary race, Ash traveled to California to support Lucy in her debut at the Western States 100, where she earned a well-deserved third place. Five years later, it was Ash’s turn to take center stage.

The race brings together the entire Bartholomew family – who hadn’t been together in 10 years – in an effort to support their father and help him cross the finish line within the race’s 30-hour cutoff time. The film is an emotional roller coaster, beginning in an idyllic way for Ash, supported by his three children as he realizes his dream. However, in the latter half, he starts to struggle, turning into a race against time as crowds gather around him in the final miles, in a strenuous effort to get him home. The group effort exemplifies the spirit of ultrarunning.

Featuring insights from Ash, sons Josh and Tom, daughter Lucy, and family friends – the film tells as much about humanity as it does about running itself. It’s a tale of resilience, never giving up, and how familial support and love can be an incredible force behind every runner.

Ash Bartholomew’s story at the Western States 100 is a reminder: it’s not just about running, but about how determination and love can push beyond every challenge. Here’s the story of a father, an ultrarunner, and an example for all of us.