The Return to the Reggio Emilia Marathon: A Personal Story

The pull of the first marathon is irresistible, a constant call that always leads back to the starting point. This year will mark my fourth participation, and while the prospects could have made me quite hopeful, these recent days have seen me battling a strong cold (darn it), and at worst, it might just turn out to be a long run towards January (I’ll tell you shortly).

Countdown to the Marathon: A Historic Race

The 27th edition of the Reggio Emilia Marathon is just around the corner, set for December 10th. The event will be supported by the running shoe company, Ulysses Running, for a total of five editions. An unmissable opportunity for those who love running and want to be part of an engaging event that encompasses not only the city but also its charming hills. The innovative brand has chosen to step into the world of running through this prestigious marathon.

Ulysses Running and the Soul of Reggio

Ulysses Running is an integral part of Reggio Emilia, a city that is deeply embedded in the company’s identity. The decision to collaborate with the marathon is not only tied to its roots but also reflects the desire to share the passion for running with the local community. It supports the extraordinary commitment of the organizing team, led by Paolo Manelli, making this competition a unique and unforgettable experience for all runners.

The History of the Marathon

The previous 27 editions of the Reggio Emilia Marathon have seen the participation of prominent figures, from Gianni Morandi to Romano Prodi, alongside numerous track and field champions, making this Emilian marathon a memorable event.

The Route and the Innovations

The 2023 edition of the marathon presents slight modifications introduced last year. The start and finish remain in Piazza della Vittoria, a perfect location to conclude this epic challenge. The initial kilometers wind through the city avenues before heading towards the outskirts and hills, characterized by a maximum elevation gain of about 100 meters along the entire route. The crucial point of the half marathon will be at Montecavolo, marking the turning point of the marathon. From here, the return journey to the city begins, culminating under the emotional finish line after the fateful 42.195 kilometers.

The Expo Experience and Ulysses Running Exclusives

Ulysses Running, besides being the technical sponsor of the event, will offer an exclusive deal during the expo, limited to a restricted number of participants. An exceptional opportunity to explore Ulysses running shoes, available in road and trail models, featuring cutting-edge patented technology. These lightweight and adaptable shoes take inspiration from the ‘wolf’s paws,’ adjusting not only to any terrain but also to the specific running characteristics of each runner, thanks to their adaptive sole.

The 27th edition of the Reggio Emilia Marathon is gearing up to be an extraordinary event, enriched by the presence of Ulysses Running, an excellent partner in city running.