World Trail Majors: A New Era for Trail Running Enthusiasts?

The year 2024 brings an exciting addition to the world of trail racing: the launch of the World Trail Majors (WTM), a series of ultra-marathon races that promises to be an epic celebration for enthusiasts of this sport.

What is World Trail Majors?

WTM represents an association of the most emblematic trail running races united to be a positive force for the sport as a whole, focusing on runners, communities, and cultures worldwide. Unlike other global circuits, WTM’s emphasis is on all runners, not just elites. Each race maintains its identity, authenticity, and heritage while closely collaborating with others.

Why Create a New Race Series?

The birth of WTM stems from a desire for independence and collaboration, intending to represent the genuine spirit of trail running. After the dissolution of the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT), many organizers felt a lack of global connections. WTM serves as a network of independent races, providing a platform for ultramarathon organizers seeking to be part of a larger initiative.

How Did World Trail Majors Form?

The idea of WTM had been brewing for a few years and took shape through collaboration among race directors who shared similar values and philosophies. Now, this emerging consortium features a series of selected races, each known for its unique and engaging course, offering a memorable experience to all participants.

WTM’s goal is to represent all runners, from experienced to beginners, offering a stage of authentic and engaging races that captivate with their genuineness and diversity.

What to Expect from the 2024 World Trail Majors Season?

The 2024 WTM season presents a selection of nine ultramarathons around the world, each with its peculiarities and distinctive beauty. From Hong Kong’s skyline to the magnificence of Mount Fuji in Japan, these races offer unparalleled natural and athletic spectacles.

WTM aims to attract elite runners, but its true essence lies in being accessible to all skill levels. Each race offers an authentic trail running experience, a unique journey through breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable challenges.

World Trail Majors emerges as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of trail running, connect communities, and share a boundless passion.

We look forward to embarking on this new adventure in the world of trail running together! We hope you can enjoy this championship made up of races that span thousands of kilometers. Let’s see what unfolds!

2024 WTM Schedule

January 20 – Hong Kong 100k – Hong Kong
February 10 – Black Canyon Ultras 100k – USA
February 24 – Transgrancanaria 126k – Spain
April 26 – Mt. Fuji 100 Mile (formerly Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji) – Japan
April 27 – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 115k – Portugal
June 8 – Swiss Canyon Trail 111k – Switzerland
June 8 – South Downs Way 100 Mile – United Kingdom
July 5 – Quebec Mega Trail 100 Mile – Canada
November 22 – Ultra-Trail Cape Town 100 Mile – South Africa