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Cento Croci Trail Ultramarathon 2024 in Tarsogno

Allow me to introduce the Cento Croci Trail Ultramarathon 2024, an unmissable event for trail running enthusiasts and challengers alike. On May 19, 2024, Tarsogno, a charming location in the province of Parma, will host this extraordinary ultramarathon (not just a 50K) that promises to push your physical and mental capabilities like never before.

The Heart of the Event: Tarsogno and its Untouched Landscapes

Imagine yourself immersed in the wild beauty of Tarsogno’s landscapes, nestled 850 meters above sea level, a fraction nestled among the mountains of the Parma province. The Parco Giochi will be the starting point of this extraordinary adventure, promising an exhilarating run through woods, mountain trails, and breathtaking panoramas that will enchant your senses and push you to give your best.

Prepare for the Challenge: Experience, Preparation, and Determination

Participating in the Cento Croci Trail Ultramarathon requires more than just a passion for running. Experience in trail running, solid athletic preparation, and the determination to tackle a challenging and varied course are necessary. Each participant must be able to adapt to the terrain and weather conditions, wearing suitable clothing and mentally preparing for the challenges they will encounter along the way.

Choices and Opportunities: Different Distances for All Levels

The 50km Ultramarathon will be the main attraction of this epic day, with a positive elevation gain of 2500 meters. However, for those who wish to experience something less demanding, other distances are available, including the 34k, 21k, and 10k, offering all participants the chance to challenge themselves and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary event.

An Unforgettable Experience: Running, Challenging, and Sharing

The Cento Croci Trail Ultramarathon 2024 promises to be much more than just a race. It will be an unforgettable experience, full of emotions, challenges, and sharing. Every step will bring you closer to your goal, every uphill will make you stronger and more determined, and every moment shared with fellow participants will fill you with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to be part of something so extraordinary.

Do not miss the chance to be part of this incredible adventure. Prepare to challenge your limits, explore new territories, and create memories that will accompany you forever. I’ll see you at the start line of the Cento Croci Trail Ultramarathon 2024, ready to experience something that will change you forever.