Hardrock 100: Challenge in the Rocky Mountains (live streaming 2024)

The Hardrock 100, starting on July 12, 2024, from Silverton, Colorado at 2:00 PM CEST, is an ultratrail race that tests not only physical endurance but also mental determination. Let’s discover what makes this race so iconic.

An Extreme Journey through the Rocky Mountains

The Hardrock 100 is more than just an ultramarathon. It’s an epic journey of 160 km through the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, with a total elevation gain and loss of over 10,000 meters. Picture yourself running amidst landscapes ranging from 2,316 to 4,280 meters in altitude, traversing rugged trails and breathtaking vistas that leave you breathless. Every step you take is both a challenge and a triumph in itself.

History and Tradition of the Hardrock 100

Founded back in 1992, the Hardrock 100 has gained a global reputation for its difficulty and unparalleled natural beauty. Every July, the world’s top ultrarunners gather to test their abilities in this legendary race. In 2023, French runner Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz dominated the competition, adding his name to the historic race’s hall of fame.

Joel Zucker Scholarships

The Hardrock 100 is not just a running race but a community that also celebrates education and local support. Each year, in memory of Joel Zucker—a passionate participant who passed away in 1998—scholarships are awarded to local students. In 2024, 13 scholarships of $3,000 each will be distributed, totaling $39,000, strengthening the bond between the race and its community.