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Essential Choices: Guide to Selecting the Best Treadmill for Your Workout

We are here to discuss one of the most crucial decisions that every indoor runner must face, especially during the winter months: does it make sense to buy a treadmill, and how to understand which is the best treadmill? I know how crucial it is to find the perfect ally for your workouts, so let’s explore together all the key considerations to keep in mind.

Belt Length

Let’s start with the length of the belt. If you are tall or love to stretch your stride, make sure the belt is long enough to provide comfort with every step. Especially at sustained paces and for extended periods, it is not easy or feasible, in my opinion, to maintain concentration and attention to where you place your feet. Also, consider that it won’t be feasible to stay too close to the edges or too centered, so the choice should fall on lengths of at least 100/120 cm.

Motor Power and Power Source

The motor power is the heart of the treadmill. Verify that it is robust enough to support your workout intensity. Additionally, consider whether you prefer an electrically powered model or if you are interested in manual or magnetic options. It is essential that the motor power is sufficient for continuous use over time: 2 or 3 HP or higher are preferable if you regularly run at good paces. For those who enjoy brisk walks, you can think about saving a bit with magnetic models.

Incline Capability

The ability to incline the belt is essential for simulating uphill running. This feature can add variety and challenge to your workouts, becoming fundamental at certain times of the winter for specific training exercises. Evaluate whether you want to vary the incline during the session or if setting it before starting and maintaining it will be enough.

Maximum Speed

Check the maximum speed of the treadmill. Make sure it aligns with your needs, especially if you plan to do high-intensity workouts or work on fast sprints. Also, it is not advisable to keep the treadmill at its maximum speed for too long.

Electric or Magnetic?

The choice between an electric treadmill and a magnetic one depends on your personal training preferences. Electric ones usually offer more programming options and are often compatible with running applications, while magnetic ones can be quieter and require less maintenance. Training methods also differ between the two types: more advanced magnetic ones have a greater capacity to simulate “real” running, eliminating the effect found in electric ones where the belt moves independently of how fast you are going (meaning you might “bounce” instead of run).

Smart Features

We live in the age of technology, and smart treadmills offer a wide range of features. From workout tracking to interactions with specific apps, consider whether you want an intelligent treadmill to enrich and track your indoor running experience.

Noise Level

The noise level of the treadmill can be a critical factor, especially if you plan to use it in shared environments or apartments. Between the noise of you “advancing,” the treadmill moving, and the motor pushing, easily exceeding values ​​of 70/80 dB. Choose a quiet model for disturbance-free workouts.


Stability is crucial to ensuring safety during running. Verify that the treadmill is sturdy and does not present unpleasant vibrations during use. I recommend using a mat under the base of the treadmill to increase stability and reduce noise.

Display, Features, and Apps

An intuitive display rich in features is a great advantage. Check ease of use, programming options, and compatibility with the fitness apps you love. Sometimes it’s worth having a plan to support a PC or Tablet to watch your favorite series during workouts. If you think the boredom of indoor workouts might discourage you, consider this aspect very carefully.

Bluetooth and ANT+

If you want to connect your treadmill to other devices or apps, the presence of Bluetooth and compatibility with ANT+ can be decisive features.

In conclusion, dear runner friend, choosing the right treadmill is a personal decision that depends on your needs, preferences, and training goals. Consider each element carefully and envision your perfect indoor running companion. As a bonus, I can also advise you to evaluate the environment in which you will want to use it, preferably well-lit and well-ventilated (add a fan if necessary), or else your sessions will soon become agony. Happy training!