Errors to Avoid in Running: Improve Your Performance

Many believe that running is an innate ability for humans. However, we all make mistakes during running, but fortunately, we can correct them. Let’s see how to do it together.

Error 1: Skipping the Warm-up

Starting without a warm-up is a common mistake. Warming up is essential to reduce the risk of muscle injuries. A good warm-up should include light running, joint mobility exercises, and gradual stretching. Tip: maintain a gentle pace.

Error 2: Constant Running at the Same Pace

Running at the same pace is neither efficient nor productive in the long run. Diversifying workouts based on distances, slopes, and speeds improves performance and stimulates the body. Tip: use running to explore new neighborhoods in your city.

Error 3: Pre-Run Nutrition

Incorrect pre-run nutrition can cause discomfort during training. It’s advisable to have a light snack before running and replenish energy after the workout. Tip: on shorter runs, don’t worry if you haven’t eaten beforehand. Use the opportunity to test race nutrition (or lack thereof).

Error 4: Dragging Feet and Running Noisily

Dragging your feet can cause muscle and postural problems. Running technique exercises and muscle strengthening can help improve your running form. Tip: short steps, short strides, and sustained rhythm even at reduced speeds.

Error 5: Running While Looking Down

Keeping your gaze low during running can negatively affect your posture. It’s recommended to look about twenty meters ahead to maintain the correct posture. Tip: embrace the novelty of a new place but watch your steps, even when looking ahead. Over time, it will become natural and beneficial, especially for trail running.

Correcting these errors can significantly enhance your performance while running. Focusing on proper technique and varying workouts is essential for continuous improvement and injury prevention. How many of these mistakes do you make?