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Climbing the Peaks: Kilian Jornet’s Definitive Guidebook

If you’re a trail running enthusiast who loves mountain challenges as much as I do, you can’t miss my review of one of the most enlightening books in the field of mountain sports training: “Training for Mountain Sports” by Kilian Jornet.

Exploring Kilian Jornet’s Guidebook

Kilian Jornet, one of the biggest names in the world of trail running, shares his extraordinary experience and knowledge with us in this book. It’s an indispensable guide not only for trail runners but also for mountaineering, climbing, and ski mountaineering enthusiasts.

A Clear and Comprehensive Manual

One of the first things I appreciated is the clarity and simplicity with which Jornet explains complex concepts related to high-altitude training. From the physiology of the body to fatigue management, this book covers every aspect of training in the mountains.

Planning and Progression

The section on training planning is particularly exhaustive. Jornet provides weekly training schedules differentiated by level of preparation, allowing anyone to follow a well-structured progression path.

Body Care and Mental Preparation

Another strong point of the book is its focus on body care and mental preparation. Jornet offers valuable advice on nutrition, hydration, rest, and recovery, as well as providing tools to manage fear and maintain concentration.

A Manual for Everyone

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a mountain trail enthusiast, “Training for Mountain Sports” will accompany you in every phase of your training journey. Kilian Jornet’s experiences and advice are a treasure for anyone looking to excel in mountain sports.

I highly recommend this book to all trail runners who want to improve their performance and fully embrace their passion for the mountains. It’s an indispensable resource that should not be missing from the library of any mountain running enthusiast.

Happy reading and happy training!