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Why Do We Run 100 Miles? The Ultramarathon as a Personal Challenge

Have you ever wondered why someone would choose to run 100 miles? It’s a question I often get from friends and acquaintances, and one I sometimes ask myself during the toughest moments of these extreme races. Sure, you can talk about self-improvement, challenging yourself, and so on. But the more I run these ultramarathons, the more I realize that the answers go beyond the surface. It’s a journey that explores how we relate to discomfort, uncertainty, and pain. Maybe we have too comfortable a life and are drawn to the extreme opposite, where we are reduced to a state of “survival” where drinking, eating, and moving forward are the only concerns. Is it possible that in these conditions, we are closer to our natural state?

The Challenge of 100 Miles

The Leadville 100 Mile Race, known as the “Race Across the Sky,” is one of the most legendary and challenging ultramarathons in the world. Running 100 miles in the mountains, with steep climbs and technical descents, requires not only exceptional physical preparation but also extraordinary mental strength.

Searching for the “Why”

During the long hours of running, the mind wanders and reflects on many things. One questions why they choose to face such an extreme challenge. The answer is not simple and varies from person to person. Some run to push their physical and mental limits, others to find a deeper connection with nature, or to seek a form of meditation through repetitive movement and fatigue.

The Beauty of Simplicity

One of the most fascinating aspects of ultramarathons is their simplicity. When you’re out there, in the middle of nature, with miles of trails ahead of you, everything boils down to a few fundamental needs: moving, hydrating, nourishing yourself. It’s a sort of return to basics, where daily worries disappear, and all that matters is putting one foot in front of the other. This state of simplicity can be incredibly liberating and offers a different perspective on life.

The Challenge Continues

Running 100 miles is an immense challenge that requires dedication, preparation, and great willpower. But it’s also an inner journey that allows us to explore who we truly are and how we react in the face of difficulties. Every race is an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves and to grow, not just as athletes, but as people. If you are looking for a challenge that pushes you beyond your limits and gives you a different view of the world, I invite you to consider ultramarathons. You might find that the answers you seek are right there, along the path.

Thank you for reading, and I hope these reflections inspire you to discover your own “why” in running.