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The Legendary Marathon des Sables 2024: An Adventure in the Moroccan Desert

Over 1500 athletes are tackling the 38th edition of the legendary Marathon des Sables, from April 12th to 22nd, 2024, in the spectacular lands of Morocco. Exploring the Race Stages

The Marathon des Sables is a one-of-a-kind event, divided into six intense stages through the Sahara Desert:

Stage 1: 31.1km, 282m elevation gain
Stage 2: 40.8km, 550m elevation gain
Stage 3: 85.3km, 1,154m elevation gain
Stage 4: 43.1km, 390m elevation gain
Stage 5: 31.4km, 252m elevation gain
Stage 6: 21.1km, 160m elevation gain

Total: 252.8KM and 2,788m+ elevation gain.

Adverse Conditions and Organizer’s Recommendations

Part of the uniqueness of this race lies in the adverse conditions that participants must face: from the six-hour bus transfers from the airport to the first stage, to having to carry all the food to consume in their backpack (with a mandatory minimum). The organization provides approximately 5 liters of water per day for drinking and cooking.

Upon careful reading from the website, the race staff also provides valuable recommendations, such as avoiding using Compeed as a preventive measure for blisters and maximizing equipment efficiency to have the lightest backpack possible. A Race for True Adventurers

The MdS is certainly not for everyone. The required preparation is intense, even for the most experienced ultra runners, and the cost should not be underestimated, around 5000 euros, excluding food and mandatory insurance.

But there is no doubt that the fun and experience that this race offers are unparalleled. Crossing breathtaking landscapes and sleeping under the stars in a Berber tent are experiences that will remain unforgettable in the memory of anyone brave enough to face this challenge.

If you are ready to test your physical and mental abilities and to live a unique experience, the Marathon des Sables is the race for you. I leave you with Stave Gale’s experiential video from the 2023 edition.