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The Cetilar Run 2024 in Parma

On the evening of Friday, May 4th, more than 1,800 participants gathered for the 9th edition of this exciting race through the streets of Parma. Let me introduce the video featuring the highlights of the race and the protagonists who shone on the course, leaving an indelible mark in the history of the Cetilar Run.

Egide Ntakarutimana: The King of the Cetilar Run

The finish line was crossed first by the 26-year-old Burundian Egide Ntakarutimana, who dashed through the course with an extraordinary performance, finishing in just 23 minutes and 15 seconds. His speed and determination led him to victory, surpassing Moroccan Azeddine Majdoubi and Saimir Xhemalaj by a considerable distance.

Francesca Durante: Queen of the Women’s Competition

In the women’s category, Francesca Durante dominated the scene with a final time of 27 minutes and 54 seconds. Her tenacity and resilience brought her to victory, with Alice Tambini and Lavinia Pugliese on the podium beside her. The Cetilar Run saw these courageous women shine, demonstrating that determination and effort can overcome any obstacle.

A Journey through Parma

The snake-like line of participants traversed the streets of Parma, starting from the picturesque Parco Ducale and heading towards the historic center. Crossing via D’Azeglio, Lungoparma, and passing by the Marconi high school, the runners faced a stimulating and engaging course, culminating in a triumphant finish under the arcades of the Pilotta.

An Evening of Sport and Solidarity

The Cetilar Run is not just a race but an opportunity to unite the community through sport and solidarity. With the sponsorship of the Municipality and the University, the event was organized by CUS Parma and PharmaNutra, demonstrating the importance of sportsmanship and collaboration. The special presence of Parma Calcio 1913 midfielder Nahuel Estévez added an extra touch of excitement and celebration to this extraordinary evening.

An Unforgettable Success

The Cetilar Run 2024 was an overwhelming success, with athletes from around the world showcasing their commitment, resilience, and competitive spirit. It was an unforgettable evening of sports, emotions, and solidarity that will continue to inspire and motivate running enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We look forward to experiencing new adventures together in the next edition of the Cetilar Run!