Explore the Magic of Monte Penna: A Journey Through History and Nature!

Discover with us the historical roots and pristine beauty of this majestic Ligurian peak.

Legendary Origins

The name “Penna” is steeped in history and myth, tracing its origin to the ancient Ligurian cult dedicated to the God Pen, lord of the rocky peaks. Through the centuries, Monte Penna has retained its charm, evoking legends and tales that blend between sacredness and unspoiled nature.

From Timber to Unique Landscape

Let’s journey back to the 16th century when the forest at the foot of Monte Penna was a vital resource. The Doria family leased lands to extract timber used in the shipyards of Chiavari and Lavagna for the production of galley oars. With industrialization, the forest faced exploitation, but in the 20th century, coniferous forests were planted, giving the landscape a unique and captivating atmosphere.

To the Summit

The excursion takes us to the top on a splendid clear day. The trail can be started from the Rifugio Casermette parking lot in just over an hour, or, as we did, by ascending from a higher-altitude parking lot, shortening the hike by about 30 minutes. The ascent is suitable for everyone, including children, although the less prepared may need to take a few breaks. The panorama from the summit will reward them. The bronze statue of the Virgin with the child, dating back to 1937, and the lightning rod antenna stand out against the sky. Shortly after, a small stone chapel appears, a humble yet significant touch.

Enchanting Panorama

The summit of Monte Penna offers a breathtaking spectacle. The gaze wanders over the valleys of Cero and Taro, extending on clear days to the Tuscan archipelago, Corsica, and the Apuan Alps. An unforgettable visual experience!

Respect and Preserve

Today, we walk among centuries-old beech trees and coniferous forests, witnesses to the challenges and rebirth of this place. The beauty of nature teaches us the importance of preserving and respecting our heritage so that future generations can enjoy this corner of paradise. In our small way, we actively conserve 27 hectares.

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