Elbows: an Aspect of Running Technique

Let’s take a moment to examine a fundamental aspect of running, often overlooked but with a significant impact on your performance: the position of the elbows during running. Yes, you got it right, not only do the legs make a difference, but this often underestimated part of our body matters too.

You might ask, why? The answer is simple: keeping the elbows back during running can bring significant benefits to your efficiency and endurance.

Have you ever noticed how professional runners, besides their extraordinary speed, keep their elbows positioned behind the torso during the run? This isn’t merely an aesthetic preference but rather a specific technique with numerous advantages, the most crucial being making the run more efficient. Because our goal should be to achieve the maximum result with the least expenditure of energy.

The correct position of the elbows can influence your torso, making breathing easier and shifting the center of gravity more forward and upward. This positioning allows the feet to land closer to the body, ready for the forward propulsion.

Conversely, if the elbows are in front of the torso, you tend to close the chest, slow down breathing, and waste energy on unnecessary movements. Keeping the elbows forward could lead to longer strides, landing on the heels, less utilization of the glutes (the body’s most potent muscles), and excessive tension in the back of the thighs.

Focus on training to keep the elbows back, paying attention only to this part of your body and its movement. Over time, it will become a natural gesture that doesn’t require mental effort.

Don’t forget to keep your chest open, relaxing the muscles of the chest, neck, shoulders, and back. This practice could not only improve your running technique but also teach you to breathe better, providing benefits both during running and in daily life.

Always remember: running doesn’t just improve athletic performance but can enhance life in many other ways.