Maximize Your Muscle Strength: Sunset Workout

There is an optimal time during the day to train if your goal is to increase muscle strength: late afternoon. During this time, the body is more prone to respond to training stimuli, taking advantage of the increased availability of testosterone, whose circadian synthesis peak typically occurs in the late afternoon.

Ideal Timing and Benefits

Training in this time window offers various advantages. The body’s response to training is heightened due to hormonal drive, allowing for greater effort and promoting muscle growth. The body is more warmed up and ready for intense training, reducing the risk of injuries. During this time of the year, particularly in winter, adding a strength session at the gym will aid us runners when the racing season is at its peak, and we are running our most important races.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Training at sunset also requires proper post-exercise nutrition. It’s essential to provide muscles with the necessary resources for repair and growth. If you usually have dinner within an hour after finishing your workout, it’s advisable to include a lean, high-protein food. Options like chicken, bresaola, mackerel, egg whites, or eggs are excellent protein sources.

Longer Gap Between Workout and Meal

If there’s a more extended period between your workout and your next meal, high-quality protein powder can be a viable alternative. Ensure you choose good-quality protein powder and consume around 15-20 grams, as it plays a crucial role in promoting muscle repair. If it gets late, I add a good amount of carbohydrates and reduce the proteins to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Final Tips

Remember, training at this time of day is advantageous, but nutrition plays a fundamental role in achieving your goals. Be aware of your nutritional needs and ensure to balance your training with an appropriate diet to maximize results. Often, those who train tend to overconsume protein. Believe me, if you eat moderately and have a varied diet with a bit of everything, you don’t need excessive amounts of protein.

Training at sunset, supported by proper post-exercise nutrition, can be a crucial lever to optimize your muscle growth. Don’t forget to listen to your body and adapt both training and nutrition to your personal needs to achieve your goals effectively and sustainably.